Reveal the transformative potential of your digital health technologies.

We are on a mission to help reveal the transformative potential of technology in delivering healthcare. We understand that technology is an enabler, when applied in the right ways.

Reveal Together.

Leverage technology in the smartest way possible to meet your patients’ and providers’ needs by partnering with Reveal HealthTech who bring deep rooted healthcare, engineering, and entrepreneurial experience.

Build strong technology base

Reducing time to market is critical when launching your product, but shortcuts can be expensive & waste months of work.

Don’t make the wrong investment in building your product. De-risk your technology efforts & support initiatives with a flexible, experienced team.

Unleash the full potential of your healthcare innovation with Reveal HealthTech

Scale for next phase of growth

Your next phase of growth requires further innovation to turn your early success into a repeatable, viable business.

Updates to your preliminary product and systems architecture are necessary to achieve scalable, sustainable, and long-term growth.

Work with our team to design modern, flexible technology that empowers your next wave of success.

Drive continuous innovation

You’re serving patients at scale, but must continue developing technology to maintain your position & keep growing.

Reaching operational and financial milestones requires thoughtful, intentional investment to drive innovation & organizational efficiencies.

Partner with our team to fully reveal your organization’s true innovation potential.

End-to-End Lifecycle

We speak the language to bridge gaps between healthcare and technology


Reveal HealthTech was right by our side with invaluable expertise and support as we launched Elevate Now. They effortlessly provided support across strategy, design, and engineering directions. I truly appreciate their dedication and commitment to our mission, and look forward to continuing this partnership as we grow and ELEVATE together.

Rahul Maroli (CEO, Elevate Now)

We were looking to create a health stack that would provide a broad spectrum of process coverage as well utilize modern architectural principles to be modular, scalable, and extendable. This required a partnership that brought in technology thought leadership, clinical insights, and engineering expertise. Reveal HealthTech’s experience and guidance have been instrumental in shaping the foundation of our product, and we couldn't be happier with the results. We truly appreciate their commitment to excellence and look forward to continued collaboration as we push the boundaries of what's possible.

Ankur Gulati (Head of Product, W Health Ventures)