AI Platform for Personalized Treatment for a Major Medical Device Manufacturer

  • Published: March 28, 2024



Explore how Reveal built an AI platform that could formulate personalized treatment at scale by analyzing patient data of over 20 million users.


20 Million Patient Records and Counting 

The primary challenge for our client was to process and analyze data of over 20 million patients. They needed a platform that could process the data at scale and leverage AI to provide patient-specific personalized treatment.

Mapping over a Billion Data Points

Having understood the requirement, Reveal conceived, designed and built an enterprise-wide AI platform for the client. This platform integrated billions of data points from medical devices and other data sources. It was capable of developing, deploying and serving an ML model which would formulate personalized treatment plans for patients based on the data analyzed. Engineered using a state-of-the-art, modern infrastructure, the platform ensured stringent data privacy protocols were followed while also ensuring compliance with HIPAA controls.

Positive Outcomes for the Client

With the introduction of the ML platform created by Reveal, 

  1. Our client’s data scientists were able to deploy machine learning models in weeks instead of months
  2. Internal functional teams could use the platform for multiple customer-facing products

Additionally, because of the efficacy it created, the platform was mentioned by the CEO in the quarterly earnings call. It was also featured in a case study published by Amazon Web Services.