Data Platform to Enable Provider Insights for a Leading Pharmaceutical Company

  • Published: March 27, 2024



With Reveal’s innovative data solution, our client was able to integrate multiple data sources and glean insights about different healthcare providers.


Overcoming Barriers, One Data Silo at a Time

Our client, a leading pharmaceutical company, was looking to gain relevant data insights to run efficiently and grow. However, extracting insights from disparate data silos proved to be a significant challenge, consuming an excessive amount of time and resources in the process. In addition, the accuracy of these insights was questionable due to multiple, inconsistent data sources. All this led to inefficiencies within the organization.


“In God We Trust. All Others Must Bring Data.” –  by  W. Edwards Deming

Several interviews were conducted to understand the key priorities of commercial, medical, and clinical teams. After a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements, Reveal developed a data platform that integrated all their internal and external sources. Using a robust and modern infrastructure, the data was aggregated. The platform had provisions for automated quality checks to ensure data accuracy and consistency. The client was given an intuitive and engaging UI that used an AI/ML analysis-powered backend to provide relevant insights to the leadership team.


Unlocking the Potential of Data

With the help of insights from the data platform built by Reveal, 

  1. Commercial team was able to identify new therapeutic areas of opportunity
  2. Sales and marketing teams were able to utilize the data sources in an intuitive and compliant way to scale up their performance
  3. An integrated data access mechanism was created which further unlocked the potential of the client’s data