Natural Language Virtual Assistant for a Leading Medical Device Manufacturer

  • Published: March 28, 2024



Discover how a leading medical device manufacturer was able to increase the adoption of their device and improve patient care with the help of Reveal’s natural language virtual assistant.


Defining the Challenge

Our client realized that persuading patients to adopt and utilize medical devices is a huge change for them and quite challenging. Many patients struggle to locate the information they need regarding their devices. Some are unsure of what terms to use in their searches, while others lack a clear strategy or direction for finding relevant content. Additionally, trust plays a significant role. Patients often lack the expertise to discern reliable sources from unreliable ones.

Challenge Accepted!

With a clear understanding of the problem statement, Reveal conceived, designed, and built a natural language virtual assistant using a large language model. The virtual assistant offered semantic search, key phrase extraction, custom topic modeling, and text summarization functionalities to interact with, and guide users. It compiled a searchable database of pre-approved content from manuals, YouTube videos, and other trusted web sources that was accessible via a unified natural language interface. It could mete out personalized advice to patients based on prior interactions and device usage data. Additionally, it curated a dashboard using automatically grouped patient queries to enable high-throughput human intervention.

Business Wins

The demo version of the product built by Reveal was compelling enough to be shown to the client’s C-suite in 3 months and to the company board in 6 months. The natural language product vision was also shared by our client’s CEO in the quarterly earnings call.