2070 Health

Published: July 31, 2023

2070 Health is India's first healthcare-focused Venture Studio. It builds patient-centric companies from scratch by bringing together deeply validated venture ideas, experienced and mission-driven founders, and a seasoned cross-functional team with expertise across critical functions like marketing, GTM, talent, product, and technology. The goal of the venture studio is to help build innovative companies solving for large, unaddressed, healthcare problems and enable them to scale faster, cheaper and better.

Recognizing that each incubated company would face similar challenges on the path to launch, 2070 Health wanted to streamline technology development and create a common digital health platform. Their team needed a product that could be used for experimenting during a company’s ideation stage, as well as creating an MVP for market launch.

2070 Health approached Reveal HealthTech’s leadership team with the idea of a centralized digital health platform. The team began with a series of workshops to assess the needs for various types of incubated companies and conducted thorough market research on common obstacles to launch.

Based on these conversations, Reveal HealthTech built a phased plan to cover strategic alignment, define key objectives, and select a product architecture philosophy. Within months, the first version of this centralized digital health platform was built by a team of experienced product leaders, designers, and developers.

The initial version of the platform was ready to support the launch of many types of digital health companies. This system will enable startups to take advantage of standardized micro-features while also allowing for customization for each company’s unique use case.

This platform has helped to streamline and expedite product development for 2070 Health’s incubated startups, empowering founders to launch their companies as quickly and efficiently as possible.