Elevate Now

Published: July 31, 2023

Elevate Now is India’s first medical weight loss management company. Elevate Now has built a program that helps patients reset their metabolism and leave a lasting change on their bodies without focusing on ineffective crash diets or daunting exercise plans.

After receiving promising results in early trials and developing custom medication protocols for the India market, Elevate Now was looking to establish a strong technology platform that would support their launch and subsequent scaling. At its core, the digital product had to offer an elevated patient experience and an ability for the patients to be in control of their weight loss journey. Elevate Now partnered with Reveal HealthTech to conduct extensive market research, supported by patient and provider interviews, to define an optimized digital patient journey.

The team built a sleek, user-friendly app that enabled patients to communicate with their health coaches, receive personalized plans, and track their weight loss progress. The app had best-in-class security features and provided service side control to easily launch new features without requiring user intervention.

The Elevate Now team went from an initial concept to seeing their first patients in 6 weeks. This rapid launch not only supported hypothesis validation but also provided important insights for fine tuning the care model. Customer acquisition continues to grow at a healthy rate of 100% month-on-month and with subsequent improvements in the app and care process, the customer acquisition cost (CAC) has dropped by over 75% from the initial launch phase.