The Breakfast Revolution

Published: February 7, 2024

The Breakfast Revolution (TBR) is a non-profit charity trust that is actively combating hunger and malnutrition in India. After considerable research, they developed an inexpensive but tasty, FSSAI (Indian-FDA) approved product, to provide children with the minimum daily requirements of all essential nutrients in a single breakfast meal. When the TBR leadership team approached Reveal HealthTech, they wanted to effectively leverage technology to solve their data management challenges.

Discover how The Breakfast Revolution mobile app transformed their data processing, productivity and transparency to combat malnutrition in underprivileged children in India.

Overcoming Manual Data Management in a Tech-Limited Environment

As an NGO that was heavily reliant on volunteers unfamiliar with technology, TBR faced daily challenges in data management. Their manual, pen-and-paper process of capturing beneficiary information led to rework, data validation issues, and delayed reporting, hindering potential grants.

Reveal’s Mobile App Revolution

After understanding TBR’s challenges in detail, Reveal responded by developing an Android-based mobile application that revolutionized TBR’s data management. This app not only streamlined data capture and validation, but also enabled offline functionality that was crucial for TBR’s rural operations. The backend system performed WHO-defined calculations, facilitating faster report generation.

Anticipated Positive Outcomes for TBR

While the app is currently in testing, TBR anticipates several positive impacts upon its full-scale implementation. These include:

  1. Faster data processing and improved employee performance through better data quality and increased numbers
  2. Enhanced transparency for donors and government authorities
  3. Seamless operations in rural areas through the app’s offline functionality, marking a significant step forward for TBR’s mission of combating malnutrition in children in India.